Digital Audio Enhancement

Forensic audio recordings are collected from a variety of sources including telephone taps, in-place concealed microphones, body-wire recorders and transmitters, directional microphones and video recordings. Hum, room noises, acoustic resonance, muffing, restaurant noises, background music, and street noise obscure voices on such recordings. In order to make the voice more understandable, the audio is played through digital adaptive audio filters to reduce or remove the intrusive background noise. Swiss-Impex offers a wide range of One-channel and Two-channels Digital Adaptive Filters including training.


1.Quick-Enhance® QE-1500

For non-technical operators, easy to set up and use. Five powerful digital processing stages including Hum Filter, Predictable & Random Broadband Noise Reduction, 10-band Graphic Equalizer, and Automatic Gain Control. Attacks a wide variety of common noises such as power hum, static, reverberation, acoustic resonance, hiss, muffling, and engine sounds.




2. Advanced forensic audio processing and analysis equipment

The equipment combines hard- and software and will seamlessly handle forensic analysis and processing of all analog and digital media, including file-based digital media.

Real Time Filters include Highpass • Lowpass • Bandpass • Bandstop • Comb • Inverse Comb •Notch • Multiple Notch • Slot • Multiple Slot • Limiter/Compressor/Expander • Broadband Noise Reducer • Broadband NoiseEQ • Automatic Spectral Inverse Filter • Parametric Equalizer • 20-Band Graphic Filter • Input Limiter • Adaptive 1 CH • Reference Canceller (2-8 Channel Adaptive) • Automatic Gain Control.
For technical operators, training required.