The effectiveness of CCTV as an evidential tool in the fight against street crime is debated. According to  Police reports, only one crime is solved for every 1,000 CCTV cameras in European megacities. However, it is a proven fact that CCTV surveillance has reduced street crimes drastically.

The problem law enforcement departments face is the sheer volume of footage generated – much of it of dubious quality – makes analysis of CCTV evidence a retrospective and time consuming activity.

Swiss-Impex in co-operation with specialist manufacturers offers a range of video surveillance solutions:


a) Add ‘intelligence’ to CCD-TV cameras so that the system ‘looks for specific incidents’ such as recording violent behavior, trespassing, etc.

b) Intelligent video analysis  automatically searching recordings for specific events

c) Automatic video recording of predefined actions of suspects, e.g. entering a door or opening a vehicle.