‘Recreational’ but illicit drugs are widely and conveniently available today posing a serious threat to teenagers and even to schoolchildren. To counteract the worrying trend of substance abuse by youngsters and students forces schools to introduce mandatory drug education supported by random drug screening. Whereas drug prevention is mainly left to trained educators, many schools struggle with drug testing, whether  it is resistance by students and often parents as well or by inconvenient test procedures and costs.

Urine and Saliva tests are regarded as the most practical screening test methods for schools; both have positive and negative implications. 

a) Urine tests require students to relieve themselves often under supervision in order to prevent tampering with the specimen. Urine tests are regarded by many people as intrusive and prone to possible ‘cheating’ attempts.  

b) As oral fluid is similar to blood, Saliva tests are not only highly effective but offer a very convenient and non-invasive way of drug screening. Compared to Urine tests, Saliva tests are far more difficult to adulterate and especially suitable for random testing.

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