1. Directional 16-Channel Listening System for Urban Areas and
Open Environments


The system is a high-performance, self-contained 16-channel microphone array processor for monitoring open areas. The array can be mounted on mobile platforms or fixed installed. Microphones columns are electronically addressable and steerable in direction of selected targets to capture speech and sounds at variable distances.

For remote real time monitoring, the system can be controlled via fiber optics. For post recording analysis, the recording covering the entire covered area can be played back and different targets can be monitored at various angles and distances. Detailed information will be provided to LEA Departments upon request.

2.Miniature Microphones

High performance miniature microphones and single room microphones phantom powered. Offered to LEA customers only.

3. Miniature remote room and telephone monitoring device

The system combines a miniature room microphone with 50V PSTN intercept.  It can be cabled from a convenient location to the PSTN pair using standard telephone cable.

When any telephone is OFF HOOK, the telephone conversation can be monitored and the device automatically switched off. When the telephones is ON HOOK, the room microphone is automatically activated and the room conversation can be monitored.
Offered to LEA customers only.

4. Miniature programmable audio recorders

Various stereo and mono programmable recorders.
Edic –Mini Tiny as shown is a programmable  mini voice recorder with up to  300 hrs recording time.   
SSABRR G2 premium audio collection products, specially designed for covert applications.
SSABRR G2 offers lossless compression, super fast downloads and up to 50 hours mono or 24 hours stereo recording.


5. Vibration microphone

Audio monitoring through building structures (wall, windows, ceiling etc) with transmission of the obtained intelligence via crystal controlled radio channel.
Offered to LEA customers only.


6. Ultra-low power covert microphone with digital transmitter/receiver

Transmitters size: 34 x 18 x 3 mm
The system provides a remote audio source from the microphone transmitter
Without microphone cables. The transmission utilizes PWEM technique guaranteeing low detection and interception probability.
Offered to LEA customers only.


7.TSCM íV Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Equipment & Training

To qualified customers, we? offer a range of TSCM equipment, training and security audits.? Contact us for information