1.Chemical protective suits

C91 Chemi Cover clear two-piece transparent suit provides protection against flammable solvents and chemicals, including chemical warfare agents. The C91 and C91R (for respirators) withstand hazardous chemicals and flammable solvents for more than 4 hours and protect against all known chemical warfare agents for more than 10 hours.
Material: 125 micron LLDPE/EVAL (EVAL=EVOH) film
Military type disposable chemical protection suits are available, information will be provided to authorized departments upon request.

2. CPS protective barrier sleeves
for flashlights

Protects flashlight to be damaged by aggressive chemicals, solvents, acids, fuel, oil, etc.
3.Contamination Systems

Quick to install decontamination system with integrated 20-25 liter/minute showerheads.
4. Emergency Escape Masks
Compact personal respiratory masks with built-in filters providing protection against smoke but for biological and chemical terror threats including anthrax, cyanide, sarin and smallpox.