Swiss-Impex offers a range of covert and overt video surveillance systems and solutions

  A.Long and mid-range laser enhanced day/night all weather observations systems


ARGC-2400 is one of the advanced long range video surveillance systems  in the world. Cutting-edge technologies and features include range gating technology, a near-infrared DALIS™ laser illuminator slaved to the field of view of the camera; a motorized continuous zoom with a high magnification up to 240X and an intuitive user interface. The system provides positive identification of persons at 1,000 m in complete darkness,  target detection at around 20 km and, last but not least, can look through glass windows without ‘blooming’ effect.  For border and coastal surveillance, ARGC-2400 can be fixed installed on towers and remote controlled.
2.ARGC -750

The ARGC-750 night vision camera was especially designed for perimeter and border surveillance. The ARGC-750 can be deployed as portable but stand-alone camera. The system  has an optical magnification of 75X and allows human identification at distances up to 1 km and license plate reading beyond 500 m. Like ARGC-2400  this system provides the capability to see through glass.