Tire deflation devices will not only stop cars in their track but are important for the personal safety of traffic officers. STOP STICK offers likely the safest solution as the devices will slow down vehicles even if travelling at high speed until tires become slowly deflated without impeding steering.
STOP STICK can be deployed as deterrent before police road blocks to act preventing drivers from taking evasive actions. 

STOP STICK offers the fastest deployment of any tire deflation device.
• Designed to slow and stop speeding vehicles safely.
• Lightweight construction (520 grs only) - makes deployment and retrieval virtually effortless.
Multi-directional spikes ensure correct deployment (any side can be facing down).


• Reloadable heavy-duty tire-deflating barrier.
• Bi-directional, light-weight (around 1500 grs), engineered to deflate tires without blowout.
• Stop pursuits before they start, saving lives and reducing property damage.
• Plastic housing provides officer safety during deployment and removal from roadway.